"Do one thing every day that scares you." -Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote means that you have to challenge yourself. By doing one thing every day that scares you, you can learn what is possible. You can learn about yourself.

Mario represents this quote very well. Mario games are somewhat easy, if you take it slow. The thrill of beating a Mario level comes from doing it stylishly and fast. By pushing yourself to move through the level quickly, you have to trust your ability to adapt. You don't look before you leap; you leap and react. When you leap into the air and see an open pit before you, your muscles tense and you tilt the controller, hoping it will give you a little bit more distance. It is only when you've felt this fear and made it across the other side, that you have truly lived in a Mario game. Always do the thing in a Mario level that scares you, because that is where personal growth lies. 


To create this image, I took the Windows XP default background of rolling hills titled Bliss and set the layer to "Grain Merge" with a red background below it. I took an image of a dragon and a separate image of the fire breath and placed them to confront a Mario graphic. Lastly, I created a new layer with the quote in white letters and smudged each letter (which was very time consuming) to appear to be on fire. I messed with the colors of that layer until it was a nice orange flame. Mario is fighting a dragon on a dark landscape that used to be blissful. Now it is terrifying, as the quote implies.

Image Manipulation and Digital Writing

In the same way that a meme is digital writing, this image says more than the quote could say alone. Even more, although the quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, I am also making a personal statement about the idea by including my specific Mario example. I am communicating what the quote means to me. 

03/06/2013 3:37pm

I really like your photo. It really exemplifies the quote and the message is clear. I love that you used that specific background, because I've seen it so many times, but I didn't even notice that's what it was until I read your write up because the edit was done well. Great job!


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