I feel like I have to take back a good deal of the things I said in my previous posts for this reflection. I am now an expert in this information. After working to fill in our group's page with more information, I have internalized the points listed. I went on a rampage of fixing the other groups' pages to look like mine, since I had designed it with the very points I wrote about.
  • I removed space after headings so that it linked the heading with the rest of the text and did not float.
  • Weebly does not enforce a template for each page. You can format the headings and subheadings however you please. I went around and made them all to look like our page. Heading 1 for the page subject, Heading 2 for sub-sections.
  • I added a space after bulleted lists. Often, they bled right into the rest of the text.
  • I broke up some paragraphs into smaller sections when they seemed like large walls of text.

I am sure that even as I write this reflection, my changes are being re-changed and I might not be happy with them. But that is the nature of the wiki. Perhaps someone has a greater plan for the overall look of the site. Or maybe my design changes do not reflect the content in the best way. I don't know because I didn't read each article entirely.

I do enjoy the fact that I have become an expert on these points of formatting for pages. I did not expect to want the pages to look a certain way. I thought I would simply do my classwork without fervor. But I became empassioned with desire for the page to look a certain way. And I can walk away from the wiki knowing that after I clicked save, the information was clearer, more concise, and more attractive.

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