Creating a wiki has proven more difficult that expected. Given the assignments of chapters 7 and 11, it would seem like we have a place to start, but that is not the case. We have a lot of decisions to make. What information should we include and what should we exclude? Should we just follow how it is presented in the book? Or is that order only helpful in a text format? It feels very much like starting from scratch.

It is interesting to know that people who write in wikis often start like this, trying to figure out what information is relevant and how that information should be presented. However, I feel like I have been vindicated in my fear that since we are not experts in the information being included in the wiki, we lack the experience to know which information is important and where emphasis should be placed. I don't really have an opinion on how this information should be displayed.

Furthermore, I'm not sure what information is common sense and what is important enough to include. Some of the points, for example, seem very similar. What is the difference between "Make the page elements obvious, using patterns and alignment," "Consider the entire site when planning the design," and "Work with templates"? They all seem to be a related point of making the webpages work together. Maybe we should show the information that way? Or would it be better to keep it like the book? Hard to decide.


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