• 22 years old
  • works part-time
  • lives on campus at ODU
  • single
  • full-time student
  • no children

Sara is a full-time college student in her senior year at Old Dominion University. She is working part-time at a Denny’s restaurant as a waitress to help pay for student loans. She is majoring in math and hopes to be a professor at ODU one day.

She tutors other students in math in the library. She often needs to coordinate schedules via email or Facebook, and she needs quick access to the library’s operating hours and which study rooms are available.

Sara’s parents live in Chesapeake, along with her younger, 17-year-old brother. She visits them when she can get away from her busy lifestyle, and of course, on holidays.

Sara uses the internet frequently to complete classwork, to communicate with professors and other students, and for socializing. She rarely searches the web for much more than information for assignments because she feels like she reads through enough of the web for her classes. 


“I don’t want to know all about the library’s history, I just need to know when it’s open!”

“I wish I could reserve rooms and computers online. Instead I’m always surprised to find out all the computers are in use.” 

“The search box should be on every page. When I want to look up a book, I don’t want to hunt for the search box.”

Typical web tasks:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Class information and submitting assignments
  • Scheduling tutoring appointments
  • Finding lyrics to songs
  • Reading the news

Assignment by Blaine Brown, Joslin Phillips, Alexia Decker, Matthew Whitley, and Dan Ivory


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