Our group assignment on Thursday was to create a meme. When I first saw this on the schedule, I was worried. I thought this meant we were going to have to edit an image using GIMP together, over the internet. This would have been very difficult to manage, and I believe many of my classmates felt the same. Numerous students asked for details of the assignment during the discussion, perhaps nervous about the upcoming challenge. I relaxed when I found out that we were simply using quickmeme.com and filling a pre-made image.
Breakout Groups
My relaxation, however, was short-lived. Once we started our breakout groups, we decided to each try and make a meme individually. The plan was to come back and discuss our creations. 

Something that should have taken moments, took tens of minutes. No one had any ideas for the meme. The sudden creativity that was thrust upon us was incredibly difficult, and many of us were surprised at that fact. This is a meme! Banal comedy written in two lines, and we all seemed incapable of creating a good one! 
The Creation of a Meme
We talked among ourselves in the chat, discussing the sudden difficulty to make something that seemed so easy. At which point, with the meme editor open, I simply made a joke: Philip J. Fry saying, "Not sure if this assignment is stupid, or if I'm stupid." 

The joke was a hit. It was born out of the assignment, but not in the traditional sense.  It was created spontaneously and we all took a moment to laugh because it related to our situation. Creating a meme should have been a simple endeavor but we had a hard time doing it. I believe this meme sums up how the assignment gave us a new-found respect for the use of the creative process in developing a meme.

It was a project that we thought would be simple. Although, we had other submissions of memes (included below), we chose this one because it spoke to all of us. We were a small community of people for 30 minutes, and we shared an experience of creating a meme. 

All submissions
Assignment by Blaine Brown, Jessica Tusim, Laura Collmus, and Phillip Owens

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