For my final project, I chose to do a web page illustrating all the concepts we learned this semester. I made a page in which I review a game controller. This brings us to the first point. 

Know Your Audience

I chose to name the site Video Game Hardware Reviews. I made a banner image that clearly depicts the title and an image of a video game controller. This is the first hint to the reader as to what this site might be about.

There is a short blurb on the sidebar which tells what the site is about. It says that the site reviews equipment for video game systems. If this were a full site, I would also include a fully featured about page.

I addressed the audience in the article, referring to them as "you." I learned in this course that that speaks better to people who are reading pages. I happen to agree. Since this is a review site, I am talking directly to consumers who might want this product. It makes sense to address them.

Subheadings and Small Paragraphs

Since the site is designed for people who are looking for information on video game hardware, the article is broken up into sub sections which includes all the information about the product. In this case, the sections are size and information about the various buttons and how they function. 

The subheadings are important in case people want just one bit of information about the product. This is how people look at things on the internet. For example, if I were visiting this site, I would be saying in my head, "Blah blah, but does it have a good D-Pad?" I have bought a number of controllers in the past with bad D-Pads, so I would jump right to that section. Other people might have different concerns, like size or triggers.

Each of the paragraphs is small and conveys a bit of the information. This makes it easy to skim and find out if an individual section has the information required.


I included three small images in the body of the page. One is a picture of the product. If you click the image, you can see a larger version in a separate tab.

The second image is a closeup comparison between this controller's directional pad and the original Xbox 360's. This highlights the differences better than the paragraph ever could describe. 

The final image is the score number, which was just for fun.

Overall Layout and Design

The layout of the page is simple, but the colors and design of the header image are pleasing to me. I hope other people feel the same.

The colors are very neutral and very legible. The sans serif font looks clean and the font color contrasts well with the background. All of these were particular considerations as I create the site.

At the bottom of the page, there is a link to the product being described. You would expect it either there or at the top. This way, if people are reading and decide they have enough information, they can click right to the order page.


I believe all of the aspects of this page illustrate the things I have learned this semester. Knowing the audience, knowing how they browse pages, and knowing what makes for a good looking page all go into the process of digital writing. It is impossible to write a good page for the internet without thinking about the design and the people who will read it. These things are integral to the writing process. 

The page can be found here.

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